SKROU Debut Album 2014

“SKROU doesn’t skrew around when it comes to their music. When he (SKROU) finally gets you to pay attention and take their music in, that SKROU will put a smile on your face.”- Angela R Campbell, OHJUSTEATIT (Feb 23, 2014)

 “The Metal Mag Says; SKROU has "11 Tracks of pure shaking rockin tunes!!! Bluesy riffs, melodic powerfull voice, great solos ,wow the best things that make great records!!! . a pure masterpiece that will get you movin!!!"”

- Frank .M, The Metal Mag (Feb 15, 2014)

 “Decibel Geek Says; SKROU provides a double barrel blast of ten vintage yet brand new songs. From the melodic groove of "Dirty Little Fantasy" to the shredding guitar on "Eye Catcher" to the Judas Priest feel riffs of "Ride On", the ten songs found here lay it all on the line. Party rock is alive and well , Skrou is here to provide the "place to shake".”

- Wally Norton, Decibel Geek (Jan 01, 2014)

 “Dropout Entertainment Says; "Skrou is Loud, dirty, old fashioned rock n roll" And the rock ballad “Awake in The Sun” that show you how diverse the band can be with their strong songwriting skills”

- Jesse.R, Dropout Entertainment (Feb 13, 2014)